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Clean carpets are healthier for you and your family, and that’s exactly what we provide. With the latest equipment and technology, we bring out the best in your carpets.
Our ultrasonic cleaning method is extremely effective, fast, safe and gentle. The powerful cleaning lifts contaminates and dirt particles from the entire blind, cords, and ladders.
All it takes to keep your office space looking professional is a regularly scheduled cleaning by our technicians to keep everything looking bright and clean.

  • Your technician came to our home this morning to clean our carpets and area rugs. He was very professional, efficient and pleasant. Your work continues to be the best in the city. We did try another company due to a quicker drying time but there was no comparison – we wont do that again! We recommended Classic Care to our neighbours and will continue to recommend Classic Care to all of our friends and family.–Joyce

  • I would like to take the opportunity to once again thank you for supplying excellent janitor services over the past years. Your commitment to customer service is note able in that over the years of service there were very few instances that required follow-up. This in turn contributed to making our branch a clean and pleasant place to work.–Helen

  • I wanted to express thanks for your commitment to stand behind your work.  We had to call you back 3 times to get the nasty stain lifted out of our carpet and each time you were cheerful, helpful and didn’t at all express inconvenience. Thank you for your prompt response and for standing behind your service- it was noted and appreciated.–Wendy