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Why Spring Cleaning for Carpets Matters

Ah, spring cleaning. This is the prime time of the year when many people put away their winter wardrobe until next year and then break out their cleaning supplies. As the weather turns warm, we are all compelled by nature to open our doors and windows to let fresh air and sunshine in.

We look at everything that needs to be cleaned, whether it’s the walls or under the kitchen sink.

Have you added your carpets to your spring cleaning list? If not, you really should.

There are some good reasons why regular, annual carpet cleaning should be added to your list—and it partly has to do with spring cleaning overall.

Did You Know?

There is actually some cultural background behind the tradition of spring cleaning. Historically it was carried over to North America by European settlers, who in turn were also influenced by other cultures such as Jewish, Persian, and even Chinese beliefs and customs.

In these cultures, spring’s beginning coincides more with the start of their new year.

To them, when a house was cleaned thoroughly from top to bottom and from outside to inside, it was a purifying ritual of both the body and the soul.

Spring cleaning was all done in preparation for a new year that lies ahead.

There’s More than One Benefit of Spring Cleaning

Cleaning for some people can relieve a great amount of stress!

Think about it: when you are cleaning, you are constantly moving your body and removing so many things that may be stressing you out.

These things vary from clutter to messy cupboard fronts, to dusty curtains, to the new pets made of your dog and/or cat’s dander and fluff from under the bed.

Cleaning can also help you both burn calories and blowing off steam that may have accumulated over the winter months.

Why Your Carpets Should be Spring Cleaned

While everyone approaches spring cleaning differently, one thing you must always do during this time of the year is to ensure your carpets are included on your to-clean list!

Cleaning your carpets and rugs should be included every year for a few reasons:

  • It’s better for your health. Think of all the snow, dirt, mud, and grit accumulating over the winter, as well as the dust, pet hair, bacteria, and even mould that could be forming where you don’t see it.
    If that sounds gross, that’s because it is, and do you know where all of that usually accumulates? You guessed it—on top and underneath your carpets.
  • Your home will look cleaner. If you’re going to move this year, or you have a lot of indoor traffic such as children and pets, then carpets need to be cleaned more frequently. In the event you are moving, clean carpets can help your home make a great first impression (there are more reasons, some of which you can read about in our article).
  • Your carpets will last longer (along with several other things). Again, think of all the potential pollutants that could have accumulated over the past winter months. All of those things could also be transferred to your furniture and upholstery. Cleaning all of those things regularly can ensure longevity in your belongings and prevent the need from replacing your carpets earlier than needed.
  • Not cleaning can actually damage your carpets over time. The grit from substances such as dirt and mud act like sandpaper, and if these are rubbed into your carpets, over time they will destroy the fibres your carpets. This results in the gradual appearance of wear and tear, which makes your carpet look more stained than usual.

Regardless of the season, having your carpets cleaned once a year by a professional carpet cleaning company is the best way to guarantee good health and financial worth.

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