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4 Reasons to Invest in Window Coverings

The warmer spring and summer months are almost here. If you have any wide-open windows in your home that are not covered up, now is the time to really think about changing that.

Here are some great reasons why investing in window coverings such as blinds are worth your time and money.

#1 & the biggest reason: privacy

Investing in your sense of privacy is to invest in your own comfort. Imagine your neighbours’ dismay when they’re trying to sleep at night, you turn on a kitchen light, and it shines directly into their home through a window without blinds!

Privacy is the biggest reason you ought to invest in window coverings. It’ll help ensure that people don’t always peek in to your home—whether by accident or on purpose.

The additional sense of privacy can also keep more nefarious eyes from prying, such as thieves.

#2: Light control

It can get bright in the summer, especially when the windows don’t have blinds and they’re big and wide-open ones!

The sun’s rays can even be harmful to your eyesight and your skin. If you’re a sensitive sleeper, or even the tiniest bit of light affects your ability to sleep, you need that extra protection.

Darkening a room with window coverings can ensure you get a real good night’s sleep instead of a bright, uncomfortable one.

#3: Decoration

Blinds can add to the sense of décor that exists within a house—provided they’re the right types.

Vertical blinds look best with tall, wide windows, while horizontal ones work great for small and short windows.

This reason is more of a matter of personal taste than anything.

However, it’s your home; you should be proud of the types of window coverings you have installed, as proud as you are of the art you hang on the walls or the

furniture you’ve invested in.

#4: Energy efficiency

You have no doubt noticed that the temperature in your home either feels too cold in the winter or uncomfortably hot in the summer.

This concern is a legitimate one: your windows are in fact allowing heat to escape when it’s winter and allowing heat to stay inside when it’s summer.

Installing blinds or other window coverings can help you control the temperature much better and reserve natural heat and light on days when you really need it.

PS: Don’t forget to clean them

The thing about window coverings, whatever their design or the material they’re made of, is they really should be cleaned regularly, just like everything else in your home.

Dust can very easily accumulate on blinds if left alone for too long, and in some cases, it can even leave a harsh, gritty residue on the blinds’ undersides.

Cleaning the blinds can help reduce allergens and other harsh air pollutants from impacting the air in your home.

If you are unable to clean your own blinds or window coverings for any reason, or there are too many to clean, calling in a blind cleaning company can help.

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