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Home Carpet Cleaning Tips

Cleaning is a part of life that can’t be ignored. Quite a few messes can happen daily on account of 1) whether your floors are carpeted or not and 2) regular indoor traffic.

When we say indoor traffic, we are referring to anyone or anything frequently using the house, including your kids, your pets, and even just yourself. Holidays are when the most indoor traffic and some of the biggest messes can occur!

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Why and who should clean Upholstery?

Why and who should clean upholstery?

Many times it is assumed that any carpet cleaning company by default is also a skilled upholstery cleaner.
Nothing can be further from the truth. While the majority of wall to wall carpeting falls under a few categories of fiber content and construction, upholstered fabric entirely different.
Upholstery comes in so many different styles and quality, that it takes real hands-on experience to be a skilled upholstery cleaner.
Because quality upholstered furniture cleaning is a lost art and takes great patience and skilled methodology, many have just resorted to shoddy attachments to carpet cleaning machines.
Often the technician has never really learned the important basic cleaning procedures required to produce excellent safe results.

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Classic Care Services – Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning does it right.

While carpet cleaning has available about four basic methods, upholstery cleaning almost always requires a methodical combination of several different methods.
To be truly skilled in upholstery cleaning, a technician needs to be proficient in at least six or seven different detailed procedures.
This is just for basic cleaning to address the many materials and construction out there in the field.
Upholstery cleaning requires the intimate knowledge and industry related education plus experience to know exactly how to proceed with the many fabrics that are encountered.
The host of different products and procedures employed far exceeds what an average technician possesses.

At Classic Care Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning we do have those skills, and also the needed experience to produce outstanding results for our valued customers.

Try us and you will see!


Why and who should clean Clean Upholstery?
Why have your upholstered furniture professionally cleaned on a regular basis? It’s pretty simple – it gets used almost every day and you spend a lot of time on it. viva video for pc Body oils and odors accumulate, hair and even skin fragments collect, beverage spills and snacks get spilled. Because upholstered fabrics are woven, they hold an incredible amount of soil and particles. Hold up a sofa cushion near a sunny window and agitate it. What do you see? Now smell the fabric. Not fresh?
Although there are aerosol cans available from stores to clean or freshen fabric, these products also leave behind residues. Think about that the next time someone is laying on the sofa. Do you want to be breathing that?
Many upholstered fabrics have dye sensitivities. There are a great deal of products and methods out there that will cause permanent damage to the material.
The texture and look and feel of the fabric can be permanently altered if cleaned improperly.
Clean it regularly even if it doesn’t look like it needs it. Do it for health. The less soiled the fabric, the less expensive the cleaning. Sometimes it makes sense to clean cushions and arms twice a year and the rest once every year or two.