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Replace or Clean Venetian Blinds?

Blinds get dirty and so you have a choice to either clean them or start over with new blinds. Dust, dander, pollen and more make their home on your blinds.  What to do?

Purchasing and installing new blinds is many, many times costlier than professionally cleaning them.

Ultrasonic Cleaning to the Rescue

Ultrasonic cleaning is a very effective cleaning process that utilizes sound waves in water.

It  can remove the marks from everyday life, the insects, dust and grime from your blinds.

Ultrasonic cleaning is a modern way of cleaning your window treatments which thoroughly cleans yours blinds in a very efficient way.

Similar to a boat propeller creating water bubbles, ultrasonic cleaning creates bubbles in the cleaning tub called cavitation.

Benefits of Ultrasonic Cleaning

• It results in blinds free from dust, grime, odors and allergens
• Very powerful cleaning system down to a microscopic level
• Blinds look new for a fraction of the cost of purchasing new ones
• Cleans every nook and cranny of the blinds
• Safe and effective

A Great Money Saver

Why not inject a bit of life into tired, old blinds and save money?

Our ultrasonic blind cleaning service is a perfect way to do that.

Rather than replacing your blinds, they simply need a little love, so keep them in place!

We can clean most types of venetian blinds.

Just drop in or give us a call at 250-756-4109.

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