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Guidance for Selecting the Right Area Rug

Guidance for Selecting the Right Area Rug
(and if you want to clean them give it to the experts at www.classiccareservices.ca in Nanaimo BC)

want to clean them give it to the experts at www.classiccareservices.ca in Nanaimo BC
want to clean them give it to the experts at www.classiccareservices.ca in Nanaimo BC




Area rugs provide several benefits to one’s home; they offer the perfect amount of colour, warmth, and design to just about any room you place one. On hard-wood floors, an area rug looks particularly charming, creating a multi-layered appearance that is quite stylish!
The key to locating the perfect area rug for your home, is selecting one of the correct size. Ensure you take the proper measurements prior to shopping for your area rug, or ask a professional for guidance. Once you are sure of the proper measurements, use the below as helpful considerations during your search for the ideal area rug:

your area rug should be based around the size of your room. Typically an area rug that is 5’x8’ works well for small bedrooms or home offices, as well as under a coffee table in your living room. For larger spaces such as a master bedroom, or dining room,icloud login info you’ll want to consider an area rug that is roughly 8’x10’ or larger.

If you are shopping for an area rug to place under your coffee table, select one that will fit properly underneath all four legs of the table. For aesthetic appeal and to get the most out of your area rug, it should be about the same width and length as your furniture in the given space. You’ll want to either leave even space between the furniture and area rug, or place the front legs of the table/chair on the rug with the furniture coasters under the back legs to line up with the height.

This will depend on your unique tastes, as well as what you want the area rug to provide for your room. If you’re looking to open up a room to feel and look more spacious, it’s best to select a light hue. Dark colours or busy patterns tend to make a small room appear even more crowded than it already is. You can’t go wrong if you have a fabric swatch (or two) with you while you’re shopping for your area rug. Never be afraid to mix larger prints with smaller prints in a room. If they are in the same colour palette, it can contribute to a more interesting and fun look! You can significantly boost your décor with the right area rug.

Several people are under the impression that they must consider the colour of the walls before completing the design of a room; however, many designers will actually state the opposite, explaining that walls are the last thing to worry about. An empty room can be designed effectively around an area rug. Refer to the colours in the area rug to establish the tone for furniture, draperies and wall paint colors. If you’ve chosen a patterned area rug with a distinct background hue, you may wish to choose that background shade for your wall colour. Next, consider a more subtle colour in your area rug to use as an accent shade for throw pillows and other accessories.
Area rugs can indeed be the final touch your room needs to feel “completed”. So where will you put your next area rug? Will you go with a plain hue or patterned one? From generic area rugs, Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Turkish rugs, to braided rugs, we clean them all at Classic care carpet and upholstery cleaning 250 7564109.