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Carpet Moths Infestation

Carpet Moths / Carpet Beetles

Carpet Moths and Beetle infestations are no joke; they can and will do serious damage to your beautiful and expensive carpets. Believe it or not, it’s not the adult moths causing the damage; it’s their larvae that actually eat away at your carpets, rugs, upholstery and clothes.



Carpet moths love dark areas that seldom get vacuumed (like under your bed or sofa). They especially enjoy areas containing animal hair as they feed on the keratin in the hair as well as your carpet fibers.

These pesky little moths are so


Indicators You May Have Carpet Moths or Carpet Beetles

  • Notice flying adult moths – this shows the infestation may be considerable
  • Loose carpet fibers on top of the rug pile –larvae eating away at your rug
  • Notice cocoons on the carpet – slightly fuzzy cylinders
  • Larvae –squirming along the pile surface and underneath the rug


Prevention of Carpet Moths and Beetles

To prevent infestation, or if you catch them in its early stages you may be able to get rid of it just by following few simple steps.

  • Vacuum regularly and thoroughly
  • Vacuum the underside of your rugs on a hard floor if you can (this should be done every couple months; if not more)
  • change your vacuum bag regularly to ensure you’re getting the larvae out of your home
  • If the rug is of manageable size, lay it outside in the sun for several hours which will help get rid of any moth es file explorer apk larva (vacuum when bringing it back inside)
  • Rotate your rug at least twice a year


Severe infestation

If you already have a severe infestation we recommend scheduling a 48 hour Ozone treatment as well as a professional cleaning.