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How to Remove Gum From a Carpet

So you’re online looking for a way to remove gum from your carpet or upholstery. You’re probably pretty unhappy and frustrated at this point. If you have kids, chances are you will run into the problem of having to get gum off your carpet from time to time like I have.  Here is a simple carpet cleaning tip.

When The Gum is Worked Into the Carpet Fibers

If the gum is stepped on and worked into the carpet fibers, you’re probably really panicked.

Getting it off can be a sticky situation whether it be fresh gum or old and dried up. But be patient and stay calm, there is a simple way to make it look like it never happened!

If you’ve done some searching you will notice there are many different methods of gum removal. I find the best way to remove gum from your carpet is by freezing it.

Frozen gum, like most anything in a frozen state, gets very hard. In fact, when it gets frozen and hard, it doesn’t like that state and becomes brittle and falls apart.

This is a good state for gum in your carpet, because it doesn’t allow the gum to stick or bond well anymore.

In other words, you need to freeze the gum in your carpet to the point it breaks into tiny pieces. When the pieces are loose you can simply pick them up and then vacuuming works well.

Getting The Gum Out

To freeze the gum out of your carpet put some ice cubes in a zip lock baggie. Close and seal it tight to avoid any leaking water as the ice melts.

Simply place the ice bag directly on the gum in your carpet and wait 10-15 minutes. After that time, the gum should be frozen enough—then you can carefully peel the gum away from the carpet.

Be sure not to scrub the carpet as you could damage the fibers.

Suck up any loose debris with the vacuum and your carpet should look like it never had a gum incident. if that doesn’t work, keep in mind that we offer professional carpet cleaning services.

Let us know if you have any other gum removal tips.

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  1. Alissa on

    Great tips! Hopefully I never have to use any of these, but I know what to do if I’m ever in this situation.

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