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How to Prevent Water Damage

Water damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your carpet. Given our climate and its rainy weather a good part of the year, preventing water damage is the best carpet cleaning advice we could possibly give you.

Here are some in-depth tips on how best to prevent severe carpet water damage from occurring.

Remove it Fast

The faster you go at removing the water, the less likely it will be to see some serious carpet damage. This means that like it or not, you will definitely need to call a professional for help.

Your carpet should be cleaned and dried within 24 to 48 hours of the damage. A professional can not only remove the water fast, but also they are trained to assess the situation properly and figure out the best course of action that needs to be taken.

Get the Carpet Restored

Many people with carpet in their homes or buildings assume that replacing the carpet after water damage is done is the only thing to do. However, depending on the type of damage done, there’s the possibility that carpet can actually be restored instead of outright replaced.

A number of other factors can come into play when determining if restoration will help, such as how much water was present, the source of the water damage, and how big the scope of the damage was that took place.

Whether the water was pure or contaminated will also be the biggest deciding factor on whether a carpet can be saved. For example, if the source came from a leaking pipe, then it’s more likely the water was clean and carpet restoration service can take place.

If the water came from an overflowing toilet, then the water was most likely contaminated, so the carpet is likely unsalvageable. An inspection by a professional will have to be performed in order to decide on whether the carpet can be saved or not.

Mold is also a determining factor as to whether or not a carpet can be saved and restored or thrown out entirely. If mold is discovered and it’s a very small amount, then usually the carpet can be saved.

However, if there is a lot of mold in and on the carpet, then replacement may be required. Not only does mold have an unpleasant smell that’s tough to get rid of, but also its presence is dangerous to your health and well-being.

Dry the Carpet Out

It can take several days to get a carpet to completely dry after it’s obtained water damage, but you can speed up the process.

Use fans to do the job for about 1 week and for 24 hours each day (it’s literally a 24/7 job!). High-powered drying fans can be rented if your fans aren’t powerful enough.

A dehumidifier will also be of great assistance while drying out the carpet. Dehumidifiers can remove the excess moisture and humidity out from the carpet and air in the room. Switching one on will help prevent nasty mold and mildew buildups from developing and it will speed up the drying time.

Check Your Furniture

Not only can furniture be damaged by water, but also it can hide water damage from plain sight. That’s why you need to remove all of the furniture from the room where the leaky pipe or other water source originated.

Removing the furniture will prevent mold buildup as well to ensure the carpet can be fully inspected without interference.

If you require a professional carpet cleaning company’s assistance, give us a call. We’re available for emergency situations such as water damage as well as carpet restoration and cleaning.

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