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Making the family sick

Is Your Home Making Your Family Sick?

Learn why something seemingly harmless could be damaging your family’s health.

There could be something lurking in your home that is actually making your family  ill – and you wouldn’t even know about it.

It can lurk anywhere – including bathrooms and kitchens, especially under sinks – particularly leaky ones.

Behind or under appliances that hide slow plumbing leaks (refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, etc.)

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blind cleaning services

Benefits of Professional Blind Cleaning

Window blinds provide a beautiful way to effectively shade any building that has a window. Shades can be found in homes, hospitals, universities, hotels, cruise ships, offices—to virtually anywhere.

Cleaning blinds can a messy task for many, but failure to do it increases  dust, allergens and germs that could lead to health-related challenges.

We utilize an ultrasonic cleaning method which is safe and very efficient. It’s a modern method of cleaning your blinds through sound waves without the use of moving parts or dangerous chemicals.

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Blind cleaning

Blind cleaning – The Best Way to Dust Blinds

Here is a simple way to dust blinds. Close them, then wipe them with a used dryer sheet in an upward direction being sure to go with the grain of the blind.

Flip the blinds to the opposite closed position, but this time wipe down with the used dryer sheet. This will create an anti-static barrier that helps prevent dust from building up again.

However, simply dusting your blinds does not do a thorough cleaning. For a more complete blind cleaning get them cleaned ultrasonically.

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Vacuum Cleaning Importance to Health

Lets talk about vacuum cleaning and its importance to your health.

It’s loud. It’s time consuming. The dog goes nuts and the baby cries at the noise. We either love or hate our vacuum cleaners. But it’s not just about making the house look clean — there are plenty of unseen “nasties” that vacuuming can reduce or get rid of that sweeping with a broom just won’t get.

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Doing Your Own Carpet Cleaning?

Most carpets are stain-resistant, meaning that the manufacturer has treated them to reduce staining.

However, no carpet is stain-proof. Over time, the carpet’s fibers trap dirt, oils and bacteria, which can discolor the material and cause unpleasant odors and stains.

Use a few tips, tricks and secrets to steam clean your carpets, as needed, and then keep them cleaner longer with some simple suggestions for the whole family.

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