Area Rugs are beautiful and add that extra touch an office needs.  The problem is that shoe traffic can considerably reduce the lifespan of a rug, especially if it’s made from a natural fiber.  Cleaning Area Rugs for Offices or commercial buildings should be done on a regular basis to keep them looking bright and vibrant.

And shoes aren’t even the most consistent villain.  Coffee stains happen often in office settings, especially when the area rug is in the break room.

Classic Care’s convenient pickup, cleaning, and deliver service, makes it easy on your already busy schedule. However, if you prefer we can come and clean your area rugs onsite.

We feel that it’s best to clean them in our shop where we can devote extra time and attention to get the best possible results.


Cleaning Area Rugs – Our In-Shop, 7-Step Process

1 – Initial Area Rug Inspection

A thorough inspection of your rug includes taking measurements and making notes of all possible repairs that may need attention. When measuring your rug for an estimate, always measure the fringe as part of the length. We will quite often spend a large amount of time getting the fringes to look as good as they can, and that is why we consider that to be part of the square footage.

2 – Cleaning Area Rugs – Dust and Soil Removal

In this step we remove the dust and dry soil from the rug. Whether your rugs are handmade or machine processed they have the unique ability to hold many pounds of dirt. In our experience we get large amounts of sand and dust from the rugs.

Sand is and especially damaging as it will have a cutting effect on your rug’s yarns. Quite often we have rugs come into our facility and unfortunately they lose a tremendous amount of yarn in the vacuuming process due to a lack of regular rug cleaning.

3 – Color Testing of your Area Rug

We test your rug for vegetable or weak dyes in the fiber to determine how to proceed with the cleaning. We have techniques to treat the rug dyes to control the bleeding. However some rugs will bleed no matter what precautions are taken to control it. In these cases, we will do our best to explain this situation to you before we proceed with the cleaning.

4 – Area Rug Cleaning Extraction

Using our area rug cleaning extraction system and a gentle cleaning agent (based on rug dye type and condition) we clean the soil out of your rug, removing most stains and dirt. We hand clean your rug and we repeated this process until we are satisfied with the results. This steam cleaning process deep cleans to the base of the fiber.

5 – Grooming Your Area Rug

Before the rug dries, we use combing, brushing or pile fluffing techniques for the most luxurious results.

6 – Drying Your Area Rug

With the cleaning and grooming steps now complete, your area rug is then ready to begin drying. Some rugs are hung to dry naturally, using gravity to pull the water out, while other rugs are dried flat. Air drying methods depend on rug type.

We use fresh air breeze to gently dry your rug and when necessary we have a fans that provide a gentle breeze to remove the final percentage of moisture. We also utilize de-humidifiers to remove the moisture from the room.

We allow the rugs to dry as long as it is necessary so that you have a completely dry rug when it is returned to you.

7 – Final Inspection of Your Area Rug

When your area rug is completely dry we then vacuum the area rug again, trim any loose fibers and undertake a final inspection to ensure the rug cleaning results satisfy our high standards. Then we roll your area rug up so it is ready for pick up or delivery back to you.

We are confident that our commercial rug cleaning services will exceed your expectations. We promise you the most thorough cleaning ever and we guarantee it.

(Industrial mats do not require the same 7 step process but also receive a very thorough cleaning)

Cleaning area rugs is one of our core services. We take pride in our work and we want your office to look as clean and professional as possible.

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